jeudi 16 novembre 2017

Dr Boogie - New single on Spaghetty Town records

Any Is the music loud enough? follower is already familiar with Dr Boogie. And Spaghetty Town records as well.

The independent record label is the home of The Sweet Things and released two 7inch with the aforementioned bunch recently. Now, due to December 8th, they are proudly unleashing one with the most glam Rhythm and Blues band from L.A. : Dr Boogie.

The band already have an album out on Deadbeat records. But while the track "Peanut Butter Blues" has been digitally released a few months ago it remained unavailable in physical format until now, on the B side of this new record. 
On the A side you'll get the song "She's So Tuff", a fiery guitar led RnR anthem in a typical Dr Boogie way. And that probably what any fans is waiting for from them, a perfectly tailored less-than-4mns track, catchy enough to help you to score with anybody that has decent musical tastes. Just don't blow it before the end of the song.

Once again the band is delivering the goods here and are on the top of their game (songwriting, arrangements, sound production) So no reason to not get a piece of vinyl for your collection and neighbors pleasure. Act now, get one of the 200 Red Ltd ed. copy or one in regular black. Whatever suit you best, the quality of the music will remain the same : top notch !

lundi 6 novembre 2017

Circus of Power - Back for good !

Over the last years Circus of Power have been gigging again and releasing digital singles on a regular basis. But now, there is more !

The band originally has its roots in New York and released 3 studio albums at the end of the 80s/early 90s and toured worldwide to support them (well, avoiding France as most of their peers of this era). Then like many others they vanished while everybody's attention were on Nirvana, Pearl Jam or the ill-fated remains of Guns N Roses.

Relocated in L.A. Alex Mitchel, the singer and leader of the pack, didn't stay inactive too long tho' and has self-released  several records with Fat Nancy, Plastic Gator Machine or Uncle Max's Cosmic Band more notably.
But now the man is fully involved in the comeback of COP that is about to release a new album on Noize in the Attics records and aptly named "Four". You can pre-order it here.

First single out of this long-awaited album is the song "Fast & Easy". And there's even a video to go along with it to make it more enjoyable :

The record is due for Dec. 8 and the tracklisting is as follow :

1. Fast and Easy
2. Hard Drivin' Sister
3. Rock Show
4. Princess of Mars
5. Half a Dozen Roses
6. Sin City Boogie
7. American Monster
8. See the Sun
9. Flying to L.A.
10. Hot Rod Girls
11. Lovesick Blues
12. The Tea Song
13. Blood at Standing Rock
14. Come Git Some

mardi 19 septembre 2017

The Sweet Things : On the loose !

If you are familiar with this blog you sure are familiar with The Sweet Things as well. And, obviously, there are news from the New York City enfants terribles rank

As you may remember, last year the band was part of the Digital compilation "Rock is Alive and Well vol.1" (Alive and Kickin') and also release a digital single on Lanark records.
Few months ago they deliver their first 7inch featuring the tracks "Love to Leave" and "Cocaine Asslicker Blues" after signing a deal -in blood and beer I imagine- with Spaghetty Town records.

But sure, you already have your copy spinning on your brand new turntable so no need to go further on this subject.

And since you are so familiar with these cats you sure know that they are close with another New York act called Liza Colby Sound. The same Liza Colby being a permanent guest in the Things gang.
Both bands are starting an American Tour mid October and it would be a shame to miss them. If they toured in France -where I'm living- I sure wouldn't pass on this opportunity to spend a Rock n Roll evening with them. (all Tour details below).

Plus, another 7inch is about to be available, still on Spaghetty Town records, showcasing 2 new recordings : "Slather" (a live favorite) and "Dustianne" (a track I'm not familiar with). Expect raw punk n roll ala Dolls, unapologetic sweat, energy and youth. Yummy !

Now you have no excuses to complain about the lack of Rock n Roll out there.

The Dirty Sweet Sound Tour :

10/18 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
10/19 - Pittsburgh, PA - Spirit
10/20 - Mansfield, OH - La Luna
10/21 - Columbus, OH - The Tree Bar
10/22 - Detroit, MI - PJ's Lager House
10/23 - Chicago, IL - Emporium Arcade Bar
10/24 - Newport, KY - Southgate House Revival
10/25 - Nashville, TN - The Cobra
10/26 - Atlanta, GA - The Star Bar
10/27 - Wilmington, NC - Reggies
10/28 - Richmond, VA - Wonderland
10/29 - Washington, DC - Slash and Run

The Sweeet Things Facebook page :
Spaghetty Town reocrds webpages :  /

mardi 14 février 2017

National Nightmare "Night Bus" video, and more !

Yes, I already wrote something about National Nightmare recently but, hey, their first video is now out !

And in case enjoying the vid' isn't enough I'm taking the opportunity here to get more into specifics.

I mentioned it in my previous post but band members have some pedigree, you see.
Bass player Jimi Sero was in the legendary Smack (a big deal for me), drummer Niina Klemis Klemetti is in Barbe-Q-Barbies (and also in The Black Bubbles as lead singer), but what I haven't notice before was that guitarist Ace Mark was in the Californian band Bigelf and singer Sami Haxx in the Species.

So it means quite a lot of records and live gigs worldwide.
No newbies here, but rockers that paid their dues.

Some would promptly tag them a Supergroup or something. I won't.
Because the tag is a tad ridiculous in itself.
But what I'm more incline to say is : "Les National Nightmare sont supers !".
Yes, National Nightmare are a great band. Simple as that.

So, their single Nightbus/Rock'N'Roll Saves Souls is available in Digital (iTunes, Amazon...) and CD.
So go get a copy for Valentine's day or any other day/occasion of this year that suits you.

The band is currently working and recording new tracks and planning to release an album this year. Can't wait !

jeudi 5 janvier 2017

National Nightmare

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, National Nightmare might be the coolest new band from Northern Europe with such a fine Digital single out since a couple of weeks on legal major music platforms.

Featuring Niina Klemis Klemetti, Barbe-Q Barbies drummer and Jimi Sero, former bass-player in the legendary Smack, it should helps put the band on the Rock N Roll map quickly. Next to the famous rhythm section are Sami Haxx (vocals, harmonica, keys) and Ace Mark (guitar), two talented men that perfectly complete the line up. Formed a few months ago they already delivered a solid 2 tracks single and are currently recording their first album for Boogiemill records.

Both "Night Bus" and "Rock N Roll Saves Souls" are catchy soulful rock n' roll songs with all required ingredients such as guitar hooks, feel-good vibe, great melodies with backing vocals, old school keys, bluesy harmonica and a solid rhythm section. And with a perfect sound production on top of that what more could you ask ? Well, more songs of course !

A video for "Night Bus" will be available soon but in the meantime you can still enjoy the teaser :


Go listen to the tunes from your favorite dealer and follow National Nightmare on fb if you have an account there. Is The Music Loud Enough will follow them anyway and keep talking about this bunch on these very same (web)pages.


lundi 29 août 2016

Angels in Vein - Giving the buzz is due

Angels in Vein is one of the hottest new band around these days. And you can only applause their capacity to create a buzz all over the world.
And, as surprising as it can be, if you missed them so far let me make introductions.

If the band was able to create an immediate buzz it's because all members have a long history in the Hard Rock scene since the 80s. At first Chris Vandahl (Cherry St., L.A. Guns) and Todd "Taz" Anthony (Cherry St.) joined forces again to record demos and then invited Stacey Blades (Roxx Gang, L.A. Guns), Eric Stacy (Faster Pussycat, Bubble) and Troy Patrick Farrell (White Lion) to come on board.

In late May a facebook page appeared and the Hard Rock web community went frantic. And with nothing more than a few pictures and a video teaser (see below).
Pretty quickly they gained thousands of fans/followers and good press coverage. Their plan was to release a single entitled "1973" along with a video during the summer but fans demand was so urgent that they decided to make available the song used on the initial video teaser (No One Gets Out Alive). And even before that the band was smart enough to produce merchandising for their eager aficionados and go with the momentum.

With them everything become massive even when they probably would prefer not. Recently Eric Stacy left the band acrimoniously and cause a bit of a buzz again. Adam Kury former Candlebox member is already replacing him as a bass player though so don't be worry too much for them . Especially since they never get onstage altogether so far. Well, you can meet more people on social network than in a live venue these days anyway. But I guess they are willing to do it as soon as they can. Cause that the thing with busy musicians they are touring with different bands and it makes the schedule a bit difficult at times.

With such a pedigree you are probably expecting something, sonically speaking. To sums it up you could say it's in the same path than Velvet Revolver 1st album but with a better sound production., both tracks being quite effective and in-yer-face, full of vocal effects, wah guitars and over-compressed mix like it's common in music production nowadays.

If Angels in Vein stick to their plan they should continue to digitally release a song from time to time before putting an album in CD format. So in the meantime have a listen on spotify or the platform of your choice to make your own opinion, follow the band on fb if you have an account there and let's see if we could brag about being "one of the first 4000 to discover them" in 5 or 10 years on.

Before they hit a stage near you, let's have a look at this video together, it'll be the closer you get to the real thing.

all pics by Kelly VanDahl

vendredi 26 août 2016

Rock is Alive and Well vol.1 & 2 compilations

For those who are still eager to hear and listen to new music these 2 digital compilations are a treat, really.
And I'm not telling this because I am the person who made them. Of course.

Both albums are featuring 5 bands showcasing 2 songs each. Cause let’s face it, can you really figure out what a band is about with only one song sunk under the quantity of the tracks contained on most compilations, especially since the CD age ? My main concern was to make every bands looking good and to really give to the listeners the opportunity to discovering -or simply enjoying- them properly. So consider this treatment like a series of cool 7inch vinyl records !
The total length of each compilation are near 40mins, just like a 12inch record is, the perfect length for a rock / hard rock album in my opinion.

All along the comps' you will find many bands that've already been exposed on this blog and I'm very glad they agreed to be part of it.

Rock is Alive and Well vol.1 starts with The Sweet Things, the New York City hell-raisers, that contribute with early recordings of Through the Cracks of the City and Cocaine Ass Licker Blues. Bastards sons of The New York Dolls and The Faces, they deliver the High energy Rhythm and Blues that make their brand. Addictive.

The Tip
Next, The Tip are delivering Love Me Er'y Woman a magnificent blues song showcasing all the diversity and versatility of their musicianship. There's more soul and guts in this track than in the entire Joe Bonnamassa discography. The Drip, a typical rocker from the Nashville boys, originally available on their self released Killin' it EP is their second track here and it sure will let you beg for more.

In third position, power pop heroes The CRY! are bringing their 60s influenced savor faire for our ears pleasure and while previous bands could have give you the urge to do some head-banging, these lads will make you dance ! Sleeping Alone and Shakin' are irresistible and might turn your living room into a discotheque. You've been warned !

Then my former band Medicine Ball Caravan is bringing back a more hard rock feel. While Will You Be There is taken from Keep Goin Til The Next Stop released on Alive and Kickin' two months ago, the version of On the road presented here is a Single edit of the track also available on the same album.

Smash fashion are closing the journey with their heavy glam rock full of pop hooks. With former Smack and Rock City Angels members there's no doubt they can bring great songs. And Marionette and You Love to Suffer are just what you might expect from the Los Angeles wizards. Catchy tunes, cool guitar licks and backing vocals while the rhythm section make sure you'll stomp your foot without notice it. Enchanting.

Creem Circus
Rock is Alive and Well vol.2 begins with Philly 70s glam rockers Creem Circus showcasing their songs Riff Mountain and Teenage Rules taken from their first album Rock and/or Roll. If you had a doubt it will confirm you that bell bottom pants and velvet jackets are back (add platforms boots if you have the balls). Dual guitars and tongue in cheek lyrics sure will turn you into an instant fan. And why not, aren't they your favorite bands favorite band ?

Hailing from London, Tango Pirates with roots in 80s punk and hard rock music (Danny Fury has been a member of Rogue Male, The Lords of The New Church, Kill City Dragons or Vain), they are  bringing you 2 bare bones/straight-to-your-heart tracks. Ghost Ship Bar Blues and its blues based rhythm and Dark StarDanny Fury's homage to Stiv Bators his mentor and former band mate in The Lords of The New Church. This kind of rock music can only be bring to you by real crusaders and that exactly what they are, men on a mission.

Then The Nasty Things are taking it over. From New York, the youngest bunch of the compilation are no beginners, their resumé including bands such as Wildstreet, Astra the 22s or Acey Slade to name a few. Expect explicit lyrics on the furious and catchy Mojo Motor City Queen, but the wild ones will show you their inner sweet side on Save Me. Even bad boys need rest sometimes.

Tattooed Millionaires is the band lead by Johnny Jetson who's been in the scene for quite some time and has once co-create Space Age Playboys with Kory Clarke (Warrior Soul). His distinctive guitar sound and songwriting are obviously here on Subsonic and Next Big Thing, 2 tracks full of swagger and confidence, exactly what you want to hear from glam rockers from outer space.

Closing the party are Cali punk hard rockers Mink Daggers. You could say that these cats are quite experienced since all of them have a long career in the punk and rock n roll scene (Disguster, The Humpers, Doom Kounty Electric Chair...). And you can hear it. Messin' Up Monday and Blacker Shade of Blue are irresistible hard punk n roll at its finest and leave you eager to hear more and willing to go to the closest live venue to rock your ass off.
Or just pushing the button "Repeat" to listen to these 2 compilations all over again.

Don't say I didn't tell you : It is not the future of rock n roll, it's here and now.
Rock ain't dead for fxxk sake !

So now you know what you have to do right ?! Support Rock n' Roll and those who make it in buying music in whatever format. And don’t stop here and go check further the bands discographies.